From the design to the manufacturing stage, KRAFT Automotive clutches are made using state-of-the-art technologies. The whole technological and manufacturing process is  guided by special IT systems which allow to design and manufacture each clutch element with great precision.  As a result, KRAFT Automotive clutches feature:

  • precise workmanship
  • ideal adjustment of individual elements
  • durability

The quality of KRAFT Automotive clutches is confirmed by the certificate ISO/TS 16949 which means that they comply with the American (QS-9000), German (VDA6.1), French (EAQF) and Italian (AVSQ) quality norms. Earning this certificate also means fulfilling the relevant quality requirements as regards designing or devising, manufacturing, installing and servicing in the automotive industry. In order to fulfil the requirements defined by ISO/TS 16949, the clutches had to undergo several tests which in turn guarantees their compliance with the OE standards and requirements.

All the elements which constitute KRAFT Automotive clutches are  made by one manufacturer which  ensures their ideal adjustment and  interplay. The friction material used in KRAFT Automotive clutches contains no asbestos  or other toxic resources and is thus environmentally safe.

The current offer of Kraft Automotive clutches comprises ca. 50 items for the most popular cars on the Polish market whereas there are plans to expand and develop the categories.